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About MIDI and MP3s

The companion CDs for the Campfire Songbook, The Session Tunebook Collection, and the Bush Dance Digital CD are not regular audio CDs for playing on a HiFi, but contain both MIDI and MP3 files with a full arrangement for every tune/song . These files are for using on your computer and/or your favourite MP3 player (e.g. Apple iPod, Sony Walkman, Samsung Galaxy).

MIDI files

You can use your computer to play our MIDI files once you have downloaded a free or low-cost multi-track MIDI player (just a small piece of software) from the Internet. The tunes/songs can be slowed or sped up; the key can be altered (e.g. if don’t like it in A, change it to G); instruments altered (if you don’t like banjo, make it a piano or clarinet); and, with the better software, even the notes can be altered. This is one of the best ways you’ll ever find to learn tunes by ear.

To install your MIDI files (and locate a free/cheap MIDI player):

Click here for PC (Windows OS)

Click here for Apple Mac (OSX)
Here’s some boring techo stuff about MIDI:

MP3 (AAC) files

Every song/tune in our Session Tunebook Collection and Campfire Songbook has been fully arranged and recorded in both MP3 and MIDI (see above) formats. The MP3s can be installed in your iTunes or Windows Media Player and transferred to compatible mobile phones or iPod-style devices. They can also be played on your computer as you would with other music. Other great features are that you can make your own playlists in iTunes and burn full audio disks for playing on your HiFi or car radio. You will always have your songs with you wherever you go.

To install your MP3 files:

Click here for PC (Windows OS)

Click here for Apple Mac (OSX)
Here’s some yadda-yadda about MP3s: